We've had a playroom refit! We've shifted stuff around to make a bit more floor space by the toy boxes, added new furniture and lots of new coat hooks at little people level to encourage them to hang up their coats and bags.

Revamped Playroom 

Advent Calendar


The children have helped to decorate stockings to hang on our advent tree.  Each day the children are here, they will be able to find the day's stocking and choose a small treat from it.

Road Safety Week


We took part in Road Safety Week this week.  We made pelican crossing signs and practised safe road crossing in our cul-de-sac with the preschoolers and walked home from school with the older children to let them practice crossing the road safely. We undertook lots of other related activities, such as joining in with the "Stop, Look, Listen" song and road safety games.

News & Events


We were lucky enough to be able arrange a private educational and fun visit to a local organic working farm in Bradfield. We enjoyed a fantastic tractor trailer ride, observed the lambs born that very morning and saw the cows and pigs. The children fed the donkeys with carrots and fed corn to the chickens.  The highlight of the morning was holding two of the newborn lambs, "Ryan" and "Daisy".

Rushall Farm Visit

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